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Journal Club review: Risk Factors in Critical Illness Myopathy during the early course of Critical Illness – a Prospective Observational Study

Summary for General Readers As discussed in the accompanying primer, I chose to review a research article (Weber-Carstens et al., 2010) I found that looked both at risk factors for development of critical illness myopathy and a new diagnostic test for … Continue reading

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Primer on Critical Illness Myopathy for General Readers

Neurology in Critical Care Despite the fact that Critical Care and Neurology are separately relatively “glamorous” medical disciplines, neurological diseases in the critical illness setting receive relatively little attention. However, if one is in the business of intervening to make … Continue reading

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Journal Club Review: A Double-Blind, Delayed-Start Trial of Rasagiline in Parkinson’s Disease

Summary for General Readers Given it was first introduced to treat Parkinson’s disease in the 1960’s (see the accompanying background information on Parkinson’s disease for general readers), it is surprising that it was not until four decades later that a major … Continue reading

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Primer on Parkinson’s Disease for General Readers

Pathology Parkinson’s Disease (PD) is a relatively common condition affecting around 1% of all individuals aged over 60, and increasing towards 5% of those over 80. It is characterised by neurodegeneration, a “wearing out” of certain groups of nerve cells … Continue reading

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