Primers for General Readers

I wanted to make this website as accessible as possible to the general reader, but even when summarising a research article in lay terms, much background knowledge must be assumed. Therefore with certain journal club posts, I intend to submit and make links to accompanying articles that provide a brief summary of the condition in question. Note that such articles should be considered primers and are by no means exhaustive, nor are they aimed at being something to stand against a definitive textbook account that would be subject to months of preparation and editing.

Since my first post is on a research study looking at neuroprotection in Parkinson’s Disease, my first linked “primer” is a general reader’s introduction to Parkinson’s Disease.  The intention is to include similar posts to support journal club reviews that deal with other medical conditions.

My own interest is in the subspeciality of Neurology called Movement Disorders. The most common conditions that fall under this speciality are tremor, dystonia and Parkinson’s disease. I make no apology for the fact that posts and their accompanying background articles may as a result tend to have an emphasis on these conditions, but do apologise to the general reader for making any undue assumptions made regarding background knowledge as well as to the expert reader for any undue simplifications made as an attempt at clarity or out of personal ignorance. I would be grateful for constructive feedback regarding these issues and if appropriate will update the posts accordingly. For the expert reader who seeks more background information, in my posts I include links to the relevant research articles.


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