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The Mendelian Calculator


The Mendelian Calculator determines the inheritance pattern in a family affected by a disease. When a patient is known to have a condition, enter the family history to calculate the probability the condition is inherited according to a particular pattern. The App also calculates sensitivity, specificity and likelihood ratios for observing a particular inheritance pattern given a certain family size and make-up.

Below is a link to a YouTube clip I posted that is a short 3 minute Demo of the App.


Immunoglobulin Dose Calculator

front page immunoglobulin

Immunoglobulin is an expensive and limited resource for the treatment of various autoimmune and immunodeficiency diseases. This App calculates the correct immunoglobulin dose based on height, weight and indication and takes into account ideal body mass. Correction for ideal body mass may save a huge amount of wastage from giving excess and ineffective doses to overweight patients.